My name is Jennifer and I have been practicing Massage Therapy for 25 years. I started practicing right after obtaining my Cosmetology License.  In 1998 I graduated from Career Training Academy in Pittsburgh. Most of my training has taken place at the academy, but I have since attended many seminars to further my knowledge of Massage Therapy. 


In my practice, I offer many different modalities in massage and advanced skin care. I am consistently furthering my education within the spa industry.





I have a philosophy that everyone needs a massage, so I have taken hundreds of hours of continuing education to see that vision through. In March 2014, I was accepted as a Preferred Member of The Society For Oncology Massage (S4OM), which is a great resource for anyone looking for information on cancer (www.s4om.org). In May of 2016, I become an instructor through Barefoot Masters- teaching continuing education in Bamboossage and Bamboo2go, Fijian Massage and Ashiatsu.




Because of all the training, I have done I have included the list of seminars and certifications I have completed. Please contact me if there are any questions!


1999 - Hot Stone Massage Certification from Stone Temple Inc

2000- Repetitive Use Injury Therapy

2009- Bamboo- Fushion

2009- Ashiatsu  Basics and Side- Lining

2010- Canine Certification

2010- Ashiatsu Advanced - Deep Feet

2012- Reiki 1

2012- Polarity with the Chakras and the 5 Elements

2012- Deep work "No Thumbs"

2013- People Living With Cancer

2013- Oncology Massage in a Hospital Setting

2013- Certification in Manual Lymph Drainage- Vodder Method

2014 - Raindrop Technique

2014- Vita Flex

2017 Ashiatsu Therapy 1,11,111 Barefoot masters + certification to teach 

2017 Bamboossage Therapy + Certification to teach 

2012 Massage and Cancer: Understanding Metastasis

2016 Topics in Advanced Esthetics - Circadia

2017 Chemical Peeling & Epidermal Leveling- Circadia

2017 Skin Analysis- Circadia 

and soooooo much more......


I do insurance billing for car accidents, worker's compensation, Flex and VA pre-approved provider